[AMRadio] 3870/QRM

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Apr 19 14:28:17 EDT 2007

The sights that tickle me Pete is the crowd at the base of 
the flagpole.  Hats with many patches and flashing leds all 
over them.,  Their name badges are the moving led type that 
scrolls their name and call.  Some of them have hard hats 
with 2 meter rubber duckies mounted on top.

 If you ever wondered why pickups are popular down here, 
then imagine 3 big ole boys with big ole hats on their 
heads.  You gotta have the room in the cab for the hats and 
spit containers.  Many people think the ring worn into the 
rear pockets of their Wranglers are made by those flexible 
things bought at the funny counter in the drug store.  They 
really are smokeless tobacco containers.

Live it up and be proud to be a ham!


> Wait till you go to Dayton. Don't just look at the table 
> wares. The
> vendors, and their decorative transportation modes, can be 
> just as
> interesting.
> Pete, wa2cwa

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