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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Apr 19 14:43:01 EDT 2007

Todd never order chicken in a fish place nor fish in a steak 
place down here.  If you do, they will all taste the same. 
There is nothing like sitting around a bar-b-que eating then 
going home smelling like the smoke.  Good BBQ eating habits 
include a garden hose to wash oneself down after lunch. 
What is a bib?

By the way, out here we look at Florida as easterners.  You 
gotta live West of the Big Muddy and like Dixieland, Real 
Country music not the current crap.  You know, Bob Wills, 
Earnest Tubb, and one of the favorite songs is "Big Balls in 
Cowtown"  You can do a mean two step to that one.

We have our enclaves of the funny food places.  Austin, 
Texas, places in Dallas, Houston,  OKC, where they blend the 
front lawn and serve it in a glass.  You need an extended 
driving vacation this away (as they say) so you can become 
indoctrinated.  If you ever get sand in your shoes for more 
than a year, you will never want to leave.


> As far as the food, mom always referred to me as the 
> family garbage
> disposal. I cook a pretty mean Rib eye, chicken, and 
> grilled Marlin
> steaks. But I won't compare it to the Texas cooking, even 
> after I try
> it. Food is my second favorite thing in life, most days.
> Agreed on the healthfood stuff, too. I can only stand 
> bunny food in
> small portions.
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

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