[AMRadio] FS: Huge Meters, TO-6, Patch Panels

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 14:29:28 EDT 2007

For Sale. All prices plus shipping.

Two huge Triplett model 726 meters. These are almost
square--7 inches tall by 7.5 wide. They require a 3.5
inch round hole for panel mounting. One is brand new
in the box 0-1maDC--a pretty useful meter. The other
is used but like new with a 0-150 millivolt scale.
Someone has mounted this in a wooden box with a lid
and added multipliers for 1500 millvolts and 15000
millivolts--one big damn battery tester! Both meters
are in excellent working condition. $35/pair

Sprague TO-6 capacitor checker/bridge. The top of the
line made by Sprague in very good looking and very
good working condition. The bridge tuning control is a
bit scratchy so the eye (which is nice and bright)
blinks a bit when it's being tuned. But it settles
down and gives good readings. Great for reforming
electrolytics too. The leather handle is falling
apart. With manual copy. $125

SO-239 Antenna Patch Panels (2 of them). These are
heavy steel surface-mount panels with mounting
flanges. They measure 4 inches tall, 12 inches wide
and 2.5 inches deep not counting the flanges. They are
painted white. Each panel has 16 round holes--evenly
spaced. Every other hole (8 holes) fits a female to
female threaded SO-239 connector perfectly. So the
idea is that you mount the panel where you want it.
Then add 8 SO-239 barrel connectors. Plug up to 8
antennas into the back side of the panel and label
each one. Finally, you route the coax from any number
of radios to that spot. Now you can plug any radio
into any antenna, use multiple antennas
simultaneously, be sure everything is disconnected
when the big storms come, etc. I like this solution
better than back-to-back switches because 1) switches
have more loss, 2) switches fail, and 3) you can run
up to 8 radios on up to 8 antennas at the same
time--try that with switches. Anyway, these are used
and have sticky stuff on them where labels have been
removed, and marks in the paint, etc. Each one has a
couple SO-239 barrels still in it, but most of the
holes are empty. $10 each. Two available. By the way,
the other 8 holes are smaller and look to be sized to
fit panel-mount BNC connectors. But I never did
anything with those holes.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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