[AMRadio] 3870/QRM

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Fri Apr 20 23:17:12 EDT 2007

Bow, they are there.  From my location in Southern Oklahoma, 
I hear several of the stations through the buzz.


>I have a 75 M inverted Vee with the feed point about 30' up 
>and the ends
> about 6' up. It is a real cloud burner.
> I have yet to hear any AM on 3870, and I use an Icom 
> IOC-718, which have a
> pretty decent receiver.
> Bow
> Bow,
> You're probably in the best position to tell us whether 
> you ever hear any AM
> activity during your SSB roundtable that you've taken part 
> in.
> I'm certain that the postings being discussed here has 
> everything to do with
> poor operators who happen to be in a particular region, 
> and that the
> complaints/insults have little to do with the region 
> itself.
> So Bow, how does the group handle a situation when the 
> frequency is already
> in use when the SSB roundtable proceeds near that AM QSO?
> Please shed light on this for us.
> Paul

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