[AMRadio] My Amplifer Quest took a strange turn today

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Mon Apr 23 14:39:53 EDT 2007

The modulator does not have to work as hard, the mod transformer is
comfortable at lower powers, and the actual RF deck has lots of reserve 
emission for mod peaks.

A combination of everything likely makes it cleaner, not
that I could hear any difference.

But if you look at tube info on hifi amps, the distortion
is sometimes much lower at 1/4 power than at full rated output.

Loafing along might not be correct, the tubes are at their 
rated output, but nothing is having a hard time of it, 
the power supply is good for an amp I suppose, the RF components
are good for much more power, the modulator has extra power above
what's needed and its own power supply.

813's seem to just take abuse, I have a blower on them, 
pulls filtered air in and blows it up past the tubes.
The tubes are mounted on perforated metal...
The blower is variaced and set on low, and nothing seems
to get hot...and I sometimes tend to make real long transmissions.



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> Brett said:  "I spent most of my time on 40 meters where you 
> did not need 
> lots of power, and lower output is much cleaner"
> In a previous post you said your 813's were loafing along at 
> 700 watts of 
> carrier.  What would make it cleaner by reducing the power?
> 73,
> Ken W2DTC
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