[AMRadio] FS: Boatanchors and Related Stuff

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 24 10:35:39 EDT 2007

For Sale: Boatanchors and Related Stuff. First come,
first served. All prices plus shipping. Pictures
provided upon request as time permits. 

Military R390A/URR Receiver, Radio, Made by Collins
s/n 377. HF military receiver with mechanical digital
tuning and fine capabailities. Contrat No/.
14214-PG-51. PTO is Collins s/n 5658, IF deck is
Collins s/n 731, Crystal Deck is Collins s/n 160,
Power supply is stewart Warner s/n 994. This radio is
restored to cosmetic and operating excellence by
Howard Mills in 2006. Has RF deck cover and top and
bottom covers. Unmodified. With Original Military TM
11-5820-358-35 “Field & depot Maintenance Manual Radio
Rceiver R-390A/URR 8 December 1961”. Also printout
from R390A web site and band-by-band sensitivity test
results. $1,295

Military R390/URR Receiver, Radio made by Motorola for
Collins Radio Co. s/n 4554.  HF military receiver with
mechanical digital tuning and fine
capabailities..Superbly restored to immaculate
condition. by Howard Mills in 2006. With all 3 of the
original manuals that were published for the R390 and
band-by-band sensitivity test results. $1,195

Central Electronics Multiphase Sideband Slicer s/n
180. This is an SSB adapter and q-multiplier for AM
receivers. Slicer works great with R390A above.
Q-multiplier side is untested by me. Front panel is
excellent. Cabinet appears to have been repainted. 
With original CE brochure. $75. Won’t sell until I see
if R390 or 390A buyer wants it.

Altec 1598A Amplifier Monitor. Amp and monitor speaker
with source switch. Perfect for use with  R390A and CE
slicer above. Can select R390A output directly or
output from Sideband Slicer. Very Handy. Front panel
is good with some scratches. Rackmount unit currently
mounted in junky wooden box. Working as designed.
Solid state. $55 Won’t sell until I see if R390A or
R390 buyer wants it. 

Hallicrafters SX-115. Premium quality receiver from
the heyday of boatanchor receivers. Nice looking,
though the cabinet top has some paint scuffs that may
or may not polish off. Front panel is excellent. No
visible modifications. This has some aluminum
corrosion marks on top of the chassis that are
probably permanent. The underside of the chassis is
clean. Untested and as-is. $1050

Military RAO-6 HF Receiver s/n 909 made by National
Radio Company. WWII Navy HF receiver variant of
National NC-100A. Covers BCB to 30Mhz. Contract number
NXsr-38306 dated 7-31-44. This one has big paint
scrapes on top and a faded panel to left of dial.
Otherwise it looks pretty good. Untested and as-is.
With original preliminary manual. $199

National Rackmount HRO with rack, coil cabinet, power
supply and speaker. Early pre war HRO, about 1936.
With 9 Coils: 50 100kc, 100 200kc, 175 400kc, .5
1.0mc, .9 2.0mc, 1.7  4.0mc, 3.5 7.3mc, 7.0
14.4mc,14.0 30mc (the cabinet holds 5 of them, one
goes in the radio and the other three are in a
National wooden coil box). The whole thing except the
power supply is currently in an ex-Altec dark green
desktop rack cabinet. Thie radio has been repainted
with a number of unoriginal holes filled in. The paint
job was done with Krylon and is a bit heavy. But the
overall look of the radio is pretty good. The speaker
was re coned by Jackson speaker service. I restored
the power supply and it is working as designed. The
receiver itself has not been touched and is untested.
With original of newer HRO manual and Photocopy of
older style. $485

National Desktop HRO-5TA1 with 11 coils, 2 coil boxes,
and power supply.1945-vintage HF receiver using
plug-in coils. MFP stamped July, 1945. With 11 Coils:
A, C, F, G, H, J, JA, JB, JC, JD, and JE in  2 wooden
coil boxes, one for 3 coils and the other for 5 coils,
plus the matching 697 power supply. This radio has one
scrape on the cabinet top but is otherwise wonderful
looking. Untested and as-is. With a selection of
photocopied miscellaneous HRO documentation. This has
the factory-installed noise limiter. This is a really
clean, original HRO. $595

“Globe King 500”-based Homebrew Transmitter. This is a
homebrew transmitter in a 5 foot tall rack. It has 5
decks in the rack: 500B on top, speech amp, modulator,
modulator supply and RF deck supply. The key to this
transmitter is the stock WRL 500B RF deck
(bandswitching 160-10 meters). The rest of the rig is
homebrew. But the circuit very closely follows the
rest of the WRL 500B transmiter. The modulation
transformer is a Thordarson 300W Multi-match. With
3B28’s in the power supplies. Rack has been repainted
and looks great with stainless steel rack hardware.
The mod deck has a cool windowed panel with a door
that opens to allow access. Electrically, the
transmitter is in good shape and working--I’ve had it
on 80 meters. It sounds very good. I started to re-do
the AC wiring to the various decks and it is done, but
still needs some tweaks (like power switching!). The
modulator deck had a bad KV meter on it. I have a
replacement meter for it, but you need to build the
correct multiplier resistor to go with it. But you
don’t need that meter to operate--in fact, you could
just eliminate the meter. The only other thing that
you may want to add is a T/R relay. The 500B RF deck
has a good, strong 4-400A in it instead of the
WRL-specified 4-250. The 4-400A is loafing. The speech
amp section has been re-done and now sports a
comnpressor that can be switched in or out. With
original WRL Globe King 500B manual and some builder’s
handwritten notes. Pick-Up only in Pittsburgh, PA.

Hallicrafters SX 28 receiver with matching speaker.
This is in very pretty cosmetic condition. I took a
front panel from a hamfest radio, chose the best knobs
from 3 duifferent sets, polished and shned it all and
it is eye-ctaching. The cabinet has a couple small bad
spots but is also excellent. This was working 2 years
ago. It would probably come up okay on a variac but I
cannopt guarantee that. With original manual and
original military TM 11-874 military manual for
AN/GRR-2.. Also have many restoration notes taken off
of the web. The matching speaker is the one with the
lowewr case “h” and it looks very good, though it has
some surface paint scratches on top. $575

Heathkit SB-620 Scanalyzer. 1967-vintage panadpter
matches the Heathkit SB-301. This looks very good or
excellent. It is working but does not display a signal
from my SB-301. The IF is supposedly wired for 3395KC
for SB-301 but no signal and I didn’t ever debug the
problem. With original manual. $120

Heathkit HO-10 Monitor Scopes. I have 4 of these:
Parts, Good, Better and Best. The HO-10 is a
1960’s-vintage monitor scope used as transmitter
waveform monitor. 
BEST (on GWEIII): Looks very good or excellent and
works well. Original manual. $105
BETTER: Good front panel and cabinet. Working with
come ripple and imperfect stability. $90
GOOD: Front panel good. Cabinet has a couple scrapes
and dents. Working with come AC 
             on the trace. $85
PARTS: Front panel good. Cabinet has 2 big scrapes and
2 unoriginal holes. Power transformer has been
removed. Has all tubes including the CRT. $35

Heathkit SB-301 Receiver. 1966-vintage ham-bands
receiver. Covers 80-10 meters plus WWV. With ower
cable, CW, AM & SSB filters, SB-600 speaker. Truly
excellent cosmetic condition. Few cabinet scratches,
Front panel is pristine. Working well with some
occasional control scratchiness. The SB-600 speaker is
also excellent. With original full assembly manual &
SB-600 manual. $160 including optional CW and AM
filters, SB-600 speaker.

Heathkit SB-401 Transmitter. 1970’s-vintage HF
transmitter designed to transceive with the SB-301
receiver. With HDP-121A Heathkit mic, original manual,
power cable, HM-15 refl power meter and SWR bridge.
Not as nice as the 301--it has some scratches. But it
still looks great. Working well. With original
Aseembly manual. $140

Heathkit SB-630 Console With Clock, SWR meter and
phone patch s/n 704-90253. Operating console accessory
for Heath SB-301/401 station. Clean and nice cosmetic
condition. The clock works and keeps good time. But it
is noisy. All other functions untested and as-is. With
original manual. $89

Microcraft Morse A Keyer. Solid state keyboard keyer.
With wall wart (not original). This looks very good
and is working but speed pot is physically broken and
sidetone volume pot doesn't do anything. With original
manual. $40. They were bought by MFJ and this unit was
sold for years under the MFJ brand name. Originally
made by George Risk Industries.

Curtis KB-4200  Morse Keyboard. This is the
grand-daddy of them all. It’s 1974-vintage and I
believe it is the first commercial morse Keyboard. The
later more keyboards all started out using the Curtis
chip set. Selectable speed, buffer memory, etc. Looks
great. It appears to work, but I can’t get it to play
a sidetone. With original sales brochure--I was never
able to find the manual. I beliebe these are rare. I
have never seen another one on the Internet or
elsewhere. $99

Heathkit HD 1410 electronic keyer. 1975 vintage
electronic keyer, all solid state, iambic with
built in paddles and sidetone oscillator/speaker. In
excellent cosmetic condition. Working perfectly (well,
ahhh, cough, cough, as “perfectly” as these ever
worked, anyway). With manual copy. $40

HH Smith Code Practice Oscillator/Monitor. Tube type
in the steel cabinet. $5

Plain “ham” straight key on thick lead and plastic
base. Nice. $20

Vibroplex Vibrokey s/n 259732 on gray base. With 833
Broadway tag. Works well. Single lever type. $75

Heathkit SA-5010 uMatic Keyer with wall wart, paddles
& original manual. Works great. $55

Heathkit HD-10 Electronic Keyer s/n 741-9799. Dirty
but will clean up well. Working.Complete and all
original. With original manual. $35

Nye SSK-1-K Electronic keyer. Has some mods. Missing
wall wart. Modified. Needs work. $10

Ten Tec KR-1 with 2 unoriginal holes in top. $10

Homebrew "Moniscope" modulation monitor. Modified
military BC 929 oscilloscope designed to let you
monitor your modulation as well as the received
signal's modulation. Classic homebrew. Probably one of
the most popular military conversion projects ever
published for a ham accessory. See CQ magazine, April,
1954, page 15.  Nice homebrew. Untested. Modified
military airborne cabinet. With copy of April, 1954 CQ
Magazine article. $20

Lafayette TE-25 C-R Analyzer with original manual.
This has transformer ratio measurement capability.
Untested. $45

E. H. Scott 800B AM/FM/SW Radio Receiver. With
speaker. No cabinet. Untested. Nice chrome. $250

E. H. Scott RCH Receiver. Rackmount. Needs
Restoration, both electrical and cosmetic. $75
SCP SC-500WM Watt Meter. Plain fwd/refl meter with
large face.  $30

Homebrew TO Keyer. Beautifully built. Western Electric
Relay. No cabinet and those exposed tubes all in a row
sure make it look cool. Untested. $59

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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