[AMRadio] FS: Millen, Heathkit, Hallicrafters, Yaesu and Skillman

David Hollander n7rk at cox.net
Tue Apr 24 15:10:53 EDT 2007

Here are some items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping.  I will 
ship overseas.

James Millen 92200 Transmatch (Antenna Tuner)........$325 plus shipping
This is an 80-10 meter 2 kilowatt unit with a built-in SWR bridge. 
According to one web site, the WARC bands are easily handled by this 
tuner using the closest band position (10 for 12, 15 for 17, 40 for 30). 
This tuner is in excellent condition with the exception of scratches on 
the top of the unit. The insides are in excellent condition and show no 
evidence of ever having been arced or burned. Includes a photocopy of 
the manual. The unit is unmodified with no extra holes. It does have one 
incorrect knob. This is a very solid antenna tuner!

Hallicrafters SX-24 Receiver with Manual...........$225 plus shipping
This radio is in nice condition for a 65 year old receiver. The front 
panel silk screening looks very good and it has all of the correct 
knobs. The radio does have a number of scratches as seen in the photos. 
I did receive stations on the broadcast band and some of the short wave 
bands. I was able to hear my signal generator on the higher frequencies 
as the bands were dead. The BFO works and the S-meter work. This 
receiver will need electrical restoration as it appears to be all 
original under the chassis. Includes a photocopy of the manual.

Hallicrafters HT-40 Mark I Novice Transmitter & Manual.....$125 plus 
his is 75 watt, crystal controlled 80-6 meter CW and AM transmitter from 
the early 1960's that was designed to match the SX-140 receiver and HA-5 
VFO. I built one of these as kit (not this one) when I was 11 years old 
and it was my first transmitter. This HT-40 works well and puts out 
50-60 watts. The insides and outsides are clean and unmodified and under 
the chassis appears to be original. The panel is very nice also. The 
case does have a number of scratches. It would not be difficult to 
repaint the case. Includes a photocopy of the manual.

Heathkit XC-2 2 Meter Converter...........$95 plus shipping
This converter may be used with receivers tuning any 4 mc segment 
between the frequencies of 22 and 35 mc when appropriate crystal is 
used. Converts 144-148 mc signals to 22-26 mc. This unit is in excellent 
cosmetic condition. It is untested. Includes a schematic.

Yaesu FT-101E 160-10 Meter Transceiver.........$275 plus shipping
This transceiver works on SSB, CW and AM. It also receives WWV on 10 
MHz. The radio can be operated on both 110/230 VAC and 12 vdc with the 
appropriate power cord. Only the 110 VAC power cord is included as I 
don't have the other. The unit is in nice shape and works well. I 
measured 100-120 watts out on a Bird wattmeter and the transmitted audio 
sounds excellent from on the air reports. Includes a copy of the manual 
on a CD.

Heathkit HW-12A Transceiver and Original Manual........$100 plus shipping
he "A" version has both lower and upper sideband. The LSB/USB switch is 
below the main tuning knob. The HW-12A covers 3.8-4.0 MHz. Power is 200 
watts PEP input. This unit is very clean. The empty socket seen in the 
chassis photo is for a crystal calibrator. This is untested as I don't 
have the AC supply or DC supply to test it. Includes the original 
manual, original mobile mounting bracket and the power supply connecting 

Japanese Skillman Bug (Telegraph Key).........$100 plus shipping
This bug was marketed widely by Lafayette Radio and Radio Shack in the 
1960s. It was manufactured from 1953 to 1968 by Dentsuseiki which then 
became Hi-Mound. The word ''Japan'' is usually found molded into the 
bottom. The clear plastic cover is often missing or broken. It has an 
excellent ''crisp'' feel when properly adjusted.

73 and thanks for looking.
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