D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue Apr 24 23:24:46 EDT 2007

Not only for replies to FS items, but also for replies in general. I notice 
too often that in a reply to a message, the entire original message is 
quoted.  Sometimes replies to replies have the original message quoted 
twice, headers and all.  It's often easy to overlook the current message, 
especially if it is a short 2 or 3 liner, buried between scores of lines of 
quoted text.

It is easy enough to cut everything in the original message except for the 
sentence or two that you are actually replying to.

I get my messages in digest  form, to save space in my already clogged 
in-box.  Sometimes the list goes on and on for ever with never-ending lines 
of quoted text.

This is just like the HI HI FB OM qso, where the other person has to say "OK 
on..." every single thing you just said in the QSO:

"Fine business old man. OK on your (goes back over entire station 
description in detail).  OK on the new  6BA6 in your receiver.  OK on your 
intermittent microphone cord.  OK on the XYL cooking soup  for supper 
tonight.  OK on your  gall bladder operation. OK on running out of toilet 

Don k4kyv


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