[AMRadio] Stuck Set Screw

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Thu Apr 26 11:07:15 EDT 2007

On Thu, 26 Apr 2007, Rick Brashear wrote:

> COOL!  I'll locate my old battery charger and give this a try.  Thanks
> Brian!
> Rick
> Something you might try if all else fails, and before drilling, is
> Reverse Electrolysis.  I have used this technique many times in the

   This is an interesting trick - I'd forgotten all about that... hmmm..

   Rick, there also exists a set of tools called 'screw extractors' that 
are sometimes called by thier trade name "Easy-Out".  They look like a 
very coarse-pitch reverse-threaded milling cutter with tapered flutes - 
you drill a hole in the stuck or broken screw and run one of these 
counter-clockwise into it, the easy-out then jams itself against the sides 
of the stub and (most of the time) you can reverse the screw back out of 
the hole.

  Unfortunately, the smallest I can find are for #8 screws, and I don't 
think this will help....

   I did want to mention these for folks who might be faced with a badly 
rusted, stripped, or broken bolt in something they're restoring.

   McMaster-Carr, Sears, and all the big auto-parts outlets carry them.

   Good luck with that set-screw... it's always the "little things" that 
high-center a Project, no?



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