[AMRadio] FS: The Best US Military Radio References In Existance

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 26 17:56:17 EDT 2007

For Sale: The Very Best US Military Radio References
and Histories, Bar None. Prices plus US media mailing

Sold Only As A Set: Fagen, M. D., ed., History of
Science and Engineering In The Bell System, Vol 1 and
Vol 2, Bell Telephone, 1978. Two massive hardbacks
that are both fascinating histories and directly
useful as references to specific SCR- and AN/-
military radio systems. An awesome and unbeatable
reference--and a cool read to boot. Each volume is 750
pages or more. Both are hardbacks in excellent
condition. Volume 1 comes with the dust jacket.

Howeth, Captain L. S.,  History of Communications in
the U. S. Navy, USGPO, 1963. This is a valuable
history, not as well written as some others listed
here. Obviously edited by committee. Somewhat useful
as a reference. More interesting as a history. 650
pages, hardback with spine and cover wear. $33

Sold only as a set: Terrett, Dulaney et al., US Army
In WWII: The Emergency, Volume 1, USGPO, 1956; US Army
In WWII: The Test, Volume 2, USGPO, 1971; US Army In
WWII: The Outcome, Volume 3, USGPO, 1966. This
3-volume set is quite simply the definitive reference
to all aspects of US military radio in WWII. When and
where was SCR-197 used? What was the evolution of the
SCR-199 to -299 to -399 systems? How many were made?
Cite some anecdotes of their use in action--all this
and and unbelievable cornucopia of information is in
these 3 volumes. Breathtaking and surprisingly
well-written for what should be dry military history.
All 3 hardbacks in near-mint condition. $135/set

Raines, Rebecca, Getting The Message Thru, History of
Signal Corps, US Ctr Mil History, 1996, excellent
hardback, 500 pages. From semaphores to SINCGARS and
beyond. Radio, RADAR, Teletype, Telephones, TACSAT,
and much more. Again, like the Navy volume above, this
is more of s history than a reference. The author was
obviously trying to engage the reader and she succeeds
in many sections. But the need to cover such a broad
set of topics means that depth is lacking where you
might wish for some more. $40

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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