[AMRadio] SS Rectifier Replacements

Stevan A. White w5saw at pathwayz.com
Fri Apr 27 11:18:11 EDT 2007

Greetings All,

I have a DX-100 I'm working on (albeit slowly) getting on the air.  I'm 
going to make a few modifications to the audio circuit to satisfy my 
vanity, change caps and replace the tube rectifiers with solid state.  I 
know that this will give me a few more volts and stabilize the PS 
circuit somewhat.

I have run across the 1N1239 replacement which seems to be the standard 
replacement for a long list of tube rectifiers including the 5R4, 5U4, 
and 5V4 to name a few.  That's handy for me because I can replace my HV 
and LV rectifiers with the socketed solution and not cut up the circuit 
too badly.  At the most, I'll have to resolder a wire on the socket.  
Everything will still be nice and clean.

My concerns are simple.  What can I expect in the way of problems if I 
use these marvelous devices?  Since I'll be changing the filter caps 
anyway, should I beef them up somewhat?  What is the recommended value 
to use with the 1N1239.  Anything else to expect or look for, namely 
inrush current problems?

Thanks to all, I appreciate your comments and suggestions!

73, W5SAW

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