[AMRadio] SS Rectifier Replacements

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Fri Apr 27 13:19:52 EDT 2007

I ran one for years solid stated with the 14 kv 1 amp bricks,
and never had problems with it.

If you leave the stupid tap between the high voltage filter
caps in place and have old caps, then yes, I suppose the HV
transformer could go, if you had the wrong fuse or something.

I found some 500 or 550 volt electrolytics to use, and since I had 
removed the rectifier tubes, used the sockets for some VR tubes
to give a REGULATED voltage without unbalancing the filter caps.
A dropping resistor off the high voltage to give 40ma
through the regulator tubes did the trick.

That DX100 took all the abuse I could throw at it and never

If you want a museum piece, or maybe a supplement to your 401K
retirement fund, leave it alone.
You want to have fun with it then solid state it, put a pair
of KT88 or KT90 tubes running AB1 as modulators and nix the
postage stamp driver transformer.
Use the tube sockets from the rectifiers as regulators for the
modulator screen voltage.

Crazy to think of a DX100 as an investment, not that 
long ago they were trash..

I got mine for free, but had to pay the guy $10.00 to rent
his hand truck...


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> I run four DX-100s in various systems, and the quickest way I know to
> burn out the HV transformer is to solid state the power 
> supply. Caveaut
> Emptor, but I did the solid sate thing, it ran for a couple 
> of weeks, then 
> poof!
> HV transformer went. Only thing I know that does it quicker 
> is Paul W0RWs
> DX-100 in Beacon mode on 480KC, that went pretty quick and it wasn't
> solid stated, I don't believe.
> Keep in mind the rigs are older than most of us, was probably 
> abused by 
> someone
> at one time or another, and really prefers the circuit 
> designed for it. I 
> ended up with
> a lot of them (DX-100) because it was easier to buy the whole 
> rig than wait 
> for
> parts that fit and work properly. As usual, YMMV!
> Jim

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