[AMRadio] Stuck Set Screw

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Fri Apr 27 14:26:01 EDT 2007

Great story, Don!  I have received several great suggestions and plan on
going through them all until I find one to get that rascal out of there.


Using this tool, I was able to get the drill into the hole in the set-screw 
head.  It caught firmly, but the set screw would not budge....

...stereo amplifier.  I took the power transistors off and sure enough,
was enough soft heat sink compound left behind that I could scrape it up 
into a blob, then I applied the blob to the end of the soldering iron tip 
and inserted the tip into the hole..

...I was able it remove it, threads intact.
That was several years ago, and I have used the receiver almost daily ever 

Don k4kyv 

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