[AMRadio] ARRL in today's world

Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Sat Apr 28 23:16:36 EDT 2007

Mac said: We vote for them to represent us.  If we believe they are going 
the wrong direction we have a simple response - do not elect them next time.

No Mac, YOU vote for them. I no longer support this renegade outfit. Yes I 
said renegade outfit! Because several times the (be)League(d) questioned 
their members on which direction they should go, and they went exactly 180° 
of what the membership wanted. No longer will they waste my money. They are 
nothing but a bunch of charlatans. The people that speak for me are the ones 
that stepped up and countered this ridiculous pile of crap known as RM-11306 
and submitted RM-11305. Although RM-11305 didn't get the support that I 
would have like to have seen, the finer points of it were utilized to help 
craft the band expansion that we enjoy, (and the ARRgghhL lobbied against). 
Most of these people were pointed out by the FCC as to support their 
arguments. No longer will I be a sheep led to the slaughter by a rogue 
organization. At one time, (and for a long time) they were the voice that 
spoke for the amateur radio operators. Not anymore. I'll lay money that The 
Old Man is rolling in his grave as to shenanigans that go on up in 

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