[AMRadio] ARRL in today's world

J.D. Mac Aulay, WQ8U jmac6235 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 01:02:14 EDT 2007

Mike (W3SLK),
  You make some valid points and I have to agree with you that TOM is probably spinning in his grave over what is going on in our hobby.  Please consider though that he did not abandon the hobby or the ARRL because of conflicts and poor decisions by some of the hams in his time.  He gave us the Wouff-Hong and other instruments - such as the ballot - to give feedback and guidance to those we feel are out of line.  
  We can't easily change the ARRL but grass roots input can have an impact as was demonstrated in their abandonment of RM-11306.  Did they just listen to just ARRL members?  I seriously doubt that but, on the other hand, members' voices had to be more  clear because they are carried on money.  
  Did the ARRL abandon the bandwidth vs mode band allocation approach?  They say no in their announcement.  Is that just saving face? - probably.  Will the day come when there are many fewer of us AM practitioners and many many more digital mode hams and it will be appropriate - probably so.  Is that today - no!  We can't depend upon a groundswell of inputs to the FCC to deflect the next half-baked idea.  We need to tell the ARRL directly what we want now - and also what we want for the future.  Like training some animals, a smart rap on the nose can be very effective.
   We need to recognize that they do represent all of us to the international community (like it or not).  The IARU recognizes the ARRL as representing the interests of amateur radio in the USA.  The IARU is the voice of all hams in the international defense of our frequencies. This is where the battle for frequencies happens - lose here and we are off the air. 
  The ARRL does a lot of good in support of ARES, education, fighting BPL, advocating ham antenna rights, etc. It is not an all bad organization.
  Through our feedback to our directors and through the ballot we can clearly tell them our feelings.  Dropping out is not the way to make changes.
  With respect and 73
  Hillsborough, NC

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