[AMRadio] ARRL in today's world

Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Sun Apr 29 09:14:04 EDT 2007

Bill said:

    We need the ARRL to recognize the AM Window from 3870 to 3885 and we 
need to
petition the FCC to allow AM to use a power level of 1000 Watts carrier.

    No arguement here, Bill. I don't think it would put us on an even 
playing field with sloppbucketeers, (no offense to those AMer's that run 
sloppbucket;>), but any little bit would help.

Mac said:

    The ARRL does a lot of good in support of ARES, education, fighting BPL,
advocating ham antenna rights, etc. It is not an all bad organization.

    Mac, I damn near rejoined the (be)League(d) due to the efforts expended 
by Ed Hare. But the crap outweighed the good. If there was a way to donate 
just part and parcel to Ed's dilligence, I would do it immediately. But the 
ARRgghhL is going to take their (over) bite of the pie and I won't let them 
have it. As for their antenna help, all they do is provide limited 
information with regards to covenants. PRB-1 is merely a guideline, not a 
law. And to bring another point, a friend of mine and fellow AMer, was 
caught in the middle of an interference/political battle several years ago. 
It was an election year, and his AM operation was getting into stereo's and 
telephones. The mayor told the local newspaper that he was "....going to 
shut him down!..." Where was the ARRgghhL? This fellow paid his dues 
regularly, and believed in the promise that the (be)League(d) was there to 
help him. They told him he was proverbially on his own!!! In the end, the 
FCC came by did a spectral purity on his gear which consisted of a T-368 and 
an HB-810 modulated by 810's and declared that the neighbors have the 
problem, not him. The FCC also stated that if anyone shuts anybody down, it 
will be them! On a side not, they were quite impressed with his vintage gear 
station and thought that it was cool.
    So Mac, I implore that you (and any other supporter of the 
(be)League(d)) take a closer inspection of what your dues are doing for you. 
Many radio operators, not just AMer's, have came to the same conclusion that 
the ARRgghhL no longer speaks for them!
    Sorry for the soapbox.

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