[AMRadio] League pulls RM-11306

EP Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Sun Apr 29 09:37:37 EDT 2007

Hi Guys,

Anyone who says that CW is extinct has been spending FAR too much time in
front of the computer, & not enough time in front of the rig...!

If CW is so dead & buried, then why is it that the bands are virtually
overflowing with so many snappy fists on any major contest weekend...?

If nothing else, CW is a very effective "lid filter"...besides, I find my
time on CW to be relaxing & challenging, at the same time. We communicate
orally during the course of our working days enough as it is --- it's a
magical thing to be able to communicate through one's fingers...

Besides, a mastery of CW is like mastery of a second language...and as the
wise sage once said, "...A man who speaks just one single language is but
half a man."

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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> > That came along because CW is really not a viable means of
> AM and CW will survive for a LONG time yet - maybe as long as
> the other modes.
> Don't count CW out yet!
> There was a recent contest held between sending a message via
> morse code and sending a text message between two cell phones.
> The CW message came through FIRST!
> There is a video clip of the TV show on the web. It is QUITE
> entertaining! It could be elightening if you think morse code is
> dead.
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