[AMRadio] League pulls RM-11306

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Apr 29 15:53:26 EDT 2007

Very simple Pete.  Input power is much easier to measure. 
Read the meters and do a bit of math.  As for the 1000 watt 
thing, why not?  Measuring or calculating PEP with an AM 
signal is like trying to hit a turkey at 1000 yards for most 
people.  I never did understand the reason for changing to 
PEP or for that matter 1500 watts.  Why not 2000 watts PEP? 
If you notice it on your S meter, you have a better S meter 
than I or a better wattmeter.

As for anarchy, we almost have that now.  Consider a guy 
telling a story on another board of listening to two new 
General class hams discussing modifying the slider on his 
Siltronix to get on 80 meters.  I seriously doubt these guys 
know what PEP really is much less how to calculate or read 
it correctly on a wattmeter.  As things stand now near 3.885 
at night, only the strong survive.  The influx of new 
Generals has definitely caused more problems.

Of course the answer is to call on 3.885, provide the 
frequency is clear and when you make a contact, move 
elsewhere either up or down.  Why not catch the flack 
anywhere on the bands?  They will follow you wherever you 
go, I guarantee it!  For those who can't read meters 
correctly, we could put marks on them.

> Jim:
> What justification would you or someone present to the FCC 
> raise the
> power level back to 1000 watts as it was a number of years 
> ago?
> And Bill said: a petition for an AM Window from 3870 to 
> 3885.
> I view the AM Window (if you want to call it that) from 
> 3600 to 4000 KHz.
> I see no rational to live and operate in a 15 KHz box.
> And Don's comment on removing subbands:
> To remove subbands, brings to the HF bands (excluding 
> present 160 M), any
> mode, any bandwidth, anywhere. Might roll all ham radio 
> activity into
> anarchy; only the strongest survive. Bandplans are 
> operating guides and
> have no legal teeth (ex. listen to 160 M during a 
> world-wide CW contest);
> subbands are law and subject to disciplinary action if 
> violated. Also
> remember that the U. S. has a lot more licensed amateurs 
> than Canada.
> Pete, wa2cwa

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