[AMRadio] League pulls RM-11306

Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Sun Apr 29 18:01:11 EDT 2007

ARRL web site lists frequencies where AM activity can be found:
Go here:

As far as getting to the 1500 watt PEP max, how you do it is up to you.
Want more carrier presence so the other station can capture your signal;
run more RF power out and just drop your modulation. I'm sure 90% or 85% 
audio would not make much of a difference to the guy listening to you.

Pete, wa2cwa
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On Sun, 29 Apr 2007 13:29:49 -0700 "Bill Smith" <hbco2 at sbcglobal.net>
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> From: "Peter Markavage" <manualman at juno.com>
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> > Jim:
> > What justification would you or someone present to the FCC raise 
> the
> > power level back to 1000 watts as it was a number of years ago?
> >
> > And Bill said: a petition for an AM Window from 3870 to 3885.
> > I view the AM Window (if you want to call it that) from 3600 to 
> 4000 KHz.
> > I see no rational to live and operate in a 15 KHz box.
> >
> There is plenty of reason to allow AM operation at 1000 watts 
> carrier
> output.  Carrier serves to strongly reduce or eliminate background 
> noise and
> provide a comfortable communications environment.  AM was severely
> short-changed by the 1500 watt PEP regulation.  AM stations are now
> restricted to only 350 watts carrier.
> A correction re the quoted statement.  There is no need to petition 
> the FCC
> for an AM window, IHMO that would be counter-productive.  The ARRL 
> should
> consider recommending a 3870 to 3885 KHz AM window in it's 80 meter 
> band
> plan.  That doesn't mean that AM will not be heard outside the 
> window, or
> that stations using other modes cannot operate inside the window.  
> It would
> suggest that if a station were looking for an AM contact, that one 
> might
> likely be found inside the window.  It would also serve to reduce 
> the
> conflict between AM and SSB by identifying an band area where AM 
> operation
> is anticipated and encouraged.  15KHz, even 25 KHz considering 
> sidebands,
> isn't a big slice of the 80 meter band.
> 73 de Bill, AB6MT
> hbco2 at sbcglobal.net

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