[AMRadio] Re: K7YD attacks AM operators

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sun Apr 29 23:07:12 EDT 2007

Here's the full text of K7YD's bizarre and not-so-brilliant rant:

First off, I usually "calls 'em as I see's 'em"  I
could give you calls, names and QTH's of offending
AM signals that are splattering all over the band.
These collected from years of and monitoring.  If that 
gives you heartburn, then I guess you better buy 
some antacid.  I'm not against AM, I'm against 
unintelligent use of radio equipment that offends
everyone within 50 khz!  But, should you want to
characterize me as "against AM", then feel free to
do so.  

Secondly, my comments were not intended as an attack, but
more as a lament about the loss of a "gentleman's attitude"
on the air.  How many have forgotten the first and third
sections of the "Amateur's Code"?  How many EVER read 
them?  Now, we are down to "me first and to heck with
anyone else"!  Remember, it's gotta be my reciever that
makes that AM signal look like it's 25 khz wide, right?
Couldnt be that it really IS 25 khz wide.  But again, 
it's the "warm, friendly mode" right?  Give me a break.

Sure, there's some nasty SSB signals out there also.  We
all have to be sure we're not reducing the enjoyment of
others by our presence.  But, to me, there's little 
consideration left from many who I hear every night out
there in radio land.  We try and run the Montana Traffic
net on 75 meters every night.  It never fails, some yahoo
comes up on AM and calls CQ right over the top of us.
Well, guess we could say, he dosent hear us, but dont
ya wonder?  We've moved our net 4 times in the past few
years, just to keep clear of AM'ers, give them a break
and us also.  But, they just keep showing up.  Not a
great way to impress the rest of the amateur community.

Let's face it Bry, there are in numbers, a small percentage
of the Amateur community on AM.  The group as a whole is
small but noisy.  Overreaction to any form of dissent seems 
to be the rule of the day.  I hear more whining than any
other form of communication  But, if AMer's wont regulate 
themselves, I've got a hunch it'll be done for them.
Too bad, but some of your group have it coming.

For me, it's live and let live.  That's the way we live
in Montana.  But, eventually you'll find that that noisy
rattlesnake recieves its just reward sooner or later.

Take a chill pill, understand that there are many 
different opinions out here, and dont take every comment
as a threat to the mode.  But, keep up those wide, nasty
signals, keep pulling out the audio bandwidth filters for
that "warm sound" and stand by for bandwidth regulation 
to return, at a level of 6 khz for AM!  I believe FCC might
be working itself into a mood to do it, along with some 
other details we might not enjoy.

BTW-I've slugged it out with more than one Pactor signal
and prevailed.  No, it's not easy, but then sometimes 
you just dont want to give up and QSY to another freq.
And, if the guy really is running 3 kw, then that is
another issue to be dealt with by FCC.  I'd recommend
some letter action with Mr. Hollingsworth if you can
prove your claim.

Best of luck my friend.  I think we all are gonna need it.

Take care Bry, hope you are well


Doug, K7YD
Livingston, MT

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