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Ed Hopton edhopton at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 6 14:12:19 EDT 2007


Vote for Ron Paul!


--- John King <k5pgw at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Those of you so quick to jump on Bob and pooh pooh
> the
> likely hood that the FCC might give exams in
> Spanish..... I remind you that George Bush wants to
> give illegal aliens the farm and every thing else.
> All
> he has to do is order the FCC to do it. He has the
> power to appoint and un-appoint. 
> I am registered as a Republican and I also have the
> dubious distinction of being a distant cousin to
> Lyndon B. Johnson. To show you "what can be done, if
> a
> President wants to do it" the following is a true
> story. Lady Bird was granted a broadcast Station in
> San Antonio, Texas and she requested "certain"
> Station
> call Letters. A friend of mine, Merle Glump, an FCC
> engineer in the Washington office refused to assign
> the broadcast station the call letters requested
> because they  were already assigned to a Station in
> the Marine Service at San Francisco and had been in
> use for many years and it would present problems in
> the Marine service.
> After denying the request, he received a telephone
> call and was told, "you don't understand, this
> request
> is from Lyndon Johnson's wife and you don't have a
> choice". Guess what??? Lady Bird got the Call
> Letters
> and Merle kept his job!!
> Remain VIGILANT because next time Teddy, George,
> John,
> Trent, and Lindsey "do it" in the back room no
> telling
> what will happen. 73, John, K5PGW   
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