[AMRadio] Globe King 500C (was Latest ARRL Big Push)

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Aug 6 22:48:08 EDT 2007

Mac, I would suggest that you be careful of just reforming 
caps.  If those in the modulator short, you could get a bad 
transformer or other things.  If you do reform and they make 
it, check them for leakage in about a year of operating 
(given they are the originals).  There are several mods that 
can be made, but some people will tell you they are a waste 
of time.  I have a 500A that I have made some modifications 
in the speech amp and there is a couple of caps and a 
particular resistor in the RF deck I would check.

From: "J.D. Mac Aulay, WQ8U" <
>  On that topic, I recently hauled home a Globe King 500C 
> (4-400 final) that has not been on the air for some years. 
> In addition to the usual caution about reforming 
> capacitors, are there other things I should address?  Are 
> there any recommended modifications to the 
> audio/modulator?
>  Thanks & 73
>  Mac
>  WQ8U
>  Hillsborough, NC

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