[AMRadio] Re: Spanish

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Aug 9 15:08:19 EDT 2007

> Okay guys.  It is now time to get on with AM related discussion.
> Political views, naming politicians and where you stand with them,
> etc., is not allowed on this list.  There are a number of other email
> lists, forums, blogs, and the like, where you can go with that stuff.

A good site for that kind of discussion (which sometimes becomes heated), 
but still somewhat ham radio related, is the QRZ.com "Ragchew" forum, 
although sometimes I think a better name for it might be "Virtual CB".  The 
moderators do a fairly good job of keeping things from getting out of hand.

I would rather see those discussions elsewhere than this forum, unless of 
course it has some bearing, direct or indirect, on amateur AM operation, 
including what might be interpreted to be FCC, ARRL or political threats.

Don k4kyv

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