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Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 17:02:23 EDT 2007

D. Chester wrote:
> Now, French would be a different story.  I used to get on 75m AM and 
> converse with "Uncle" Ed, WA3PUN, who is fluent in French, that he 
> picked up back when he was in the military right after WW2.
> Unfortunately, Ed is not as active on 75m as he used to be, and he is 
> seldom heard in the wee hours any more.  His other post-retirement 
> activities, such as his music porformance gig for the elderly, and 
> recording his Amos n' Andy show for WBCQ, as well as numerous personal 
> and health matters keep him off the air most of the time.
> I also used to converse with Koby in San Antonio (can't remember his 
> callsign off the top of my head; I'm sure most of the 5-land gang will 
> recall it) 

K5MZH  Bernard G. Koby

> in French.  He was born in Dijon, and didn't move to the states until 
> his  late teens or early 20's, about 70 years ago.  He went SK some 
> time in the 1990's.

He and Otis Nonken/K5SWK went to elementary (primary, as the Euro's 
would call it) together.  Koby and Otis were together when Otis (as a 
teenager) was busted by the FCC for bootlegging a broadcast station on 
the AM Broadcast band.

Otis turned 84 (or 85) on his last b'day, Feb 7th.

John/WA5BXO, Larry/WD5CFJ, hopefully Perry/W5KGZ, Jimmy/K5SOH, 
Jeff/N5ECP Geoff/W5OMR and maybe others are looking to converge in the 
Spring, TX area tomorrow (Friday)  around 1'ish to meet with Otis

If you're in the Rayford/Sawdust Road and I-45 area and would like to 
join in, I'll be monitoring 146.52 from around 12 noon on, tomorrow.

73 = Best Regards,

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