[AMRadio] Paris, Texas Hamfest

Geoff/W5OMR geoffw5omr at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 12 14:28:39 EDT 2007

--- Rick Brashear <rickbras at airmail.net> wrote:

> Whew... I may go then!  ;-)  Hi buddy, are you back
> in Texas?
> Rick

> *Its safe. I won't be there. I'll be busy working.
> :-)

For now.  But, who knows the ringing of the telephone
might bring.  ;-)

Right now, I'm not looking to be out-of-state until
-at least- the 25th of August.  If I go then, I'll be
wrapped up till mid-September.  October is booked, for
me.  2 weeks in November and 2 weeks in December. 
home for the holidays, though :-)

Speaking of which... 

When Floyd/WA5TWF was El Presidente' of S.P.A.M., we
had events and contests and other fun AM stuff, like a
'Ragchew Contact contest' on Thanksgiving weekend. 
See how many other AM stations you could work, with
state-multipliers and call-district multipliers and DX
multipliers.  Kinda like Heavy Metal night.

When is -that- gonna be, this year?  

I KNOW this is only August, but hey, Folks.. Fall will
be here before you know it!  

And, is it me, or has anyone else noticed that the
earth is not rotating around towards the sun as early
as it used to?  Used to be (last month) it was
daylight around here by 6:15, or thereabouts... (South
Central Texas) and now Sunrise doesn't occur till
around 7'ish.  73m is still -l-o-n-g- and not
shortening up till around 8 or 9am.  But, it's nice to
able to work stations 100 miles away with 100w as late
as 10am.

Rick, you procrastinate too much.


73 = Best Regards,

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