[AMRadio] AM station, ON THE AIR

Greg bluebirdtele at embarqmail.com
Fri Aug 17 07:25:29 EDT 2007

Hi Ron:

I'd be happy to work you on 75m.  I'm in Kinston NC running a variety of old 
and new stuff.
Won't be home until Monday due to trip to Pennsylvania kicking off this 
Kinston NC
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> Ralph W4ZO came over this afternoon with my Viking transmitter
> in the trunk of his Crown Vic.
> After some adjusting of the contacts on the Dow-Key relay
> it's on the air.
> You can see a photo of the AM station here,
> http://radioheaven.homestead.com/AMstation.html
> It's sitting on the right hand side of my big green chair.
> The rest of the ham shack is on the left side.
> If 75 meters gets a little less noisy maybe I find make some
> QSOs.
> 3.885, really 3.88456 according to the freq counter.
> 73, Ron
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