[AMRadio] HeathKit VF-1 Viking 2 wiring

W4AWM at aol.com W4AWM at aol.com
Sat Aug 18 16:53:09 EDT 2007

Hi Ron,

Yes, you can put a PL-259 on the coax from the VFO.

Pinout for 8 prong octal socket on the Viking II:

1, 2, 4 & 6:   Ground  

3:   B+  300VDC

5:   NC

7:   6.3VAC  Heater

8:   Cathode of first oscillator V6. (provides cathode keying)

Heath VF-1 cable color code and original connections:

1:    Shield:  (Ground)         

4:    Red:      B+

8:    Green:   Cathode of 6AU6  (Cathode keying line)

2:    Yellow:  6.3VAC Heater

On your original VF-1 octal plug, pins 6 and 7 may be connected together. 
This connecton MUST BE REMOVED or you will short the Viking II filament voltage 
to ground.

73 and have fun.  By the way, did you get the pix I sent the other night?

John,  W4AWM

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