[AMRadio] Beads

WE0H we0h at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 24 05:07:44 EDT 2007

Yea Pat at West Florida Components is a cool guy. I order from them 
frequently also.

Rick was looking for ceramic or porcelain beads.

I would try a craft store. I know you can buy plastic beads about the 
size you are looking for at the craft stores. Maybe they have the ones 
you are asking about.

Ask the XYL or some other chick where the local craft stores are at. 
They would know for sure...hi hi...


Francis and Linda Sanita wrote:
> Try westfloridacomponents store on ebay. I get ferrite beads from him as 
> needed. Frank AA4FS

>From: "Rick Brashear" 
>> Does anyone have or know of a source of small ceramic or porcelain beads
>> about 1/4" long and 1/8" to 3/16" in diameter with an inside diameter 
>> large
>> enough for approximately a #16 gauge wire?
>> Thanks,
>> Rick/K5IAR

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