[AMRadio] RCA BTA-1MX Conversion values needed

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Sat Aug 25 11:24:53 EDT 2007

   Hi Folks - after months of sitting in a corner of my shack begging me to 
'finish the job' I am now near to converting my -1MX over for Ham Use.

   To that end, I'd like to ask if anyone has done this, or knows someone 
who has done a ham re-tune on the 1MX (or 1M) series - I'm interested in 
folks' experience with the values of the IPA coil and capacitor, and the 
Final Tank coil and capacitors values for 75M.

   I am not planning on running the rig on 160 at this time, due to antenna 
contraints at this QTH.

   Also, how does the converted transmitter handle the various ranges of 
antenna feed-point impedance variations? What kind of tuner (if any) did 
you use?

   Any other hints/kinks in connection with this, I'd be curious - time to 
put some Fire down the Wire...    ;}

Thanks in advance!



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