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EP Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Sat Aug 25 14:33:38 EDT 2007

Hi Don,

The original stuff is probably some latent carcinogenic concoction anyway,
and best stayed away from (heck, what ISN'T a carcinogen anymore,
anyway...?! Hi Hi).

Back in "...ye olden golden daze", I seem to recall reading on the
instruction label for Lepage's-brand epoxy glue that if one is to subject
the stuff to high heat, it's best to use a TWO to one (as opposed to one to
one) ratio / blend of epoxy resin to hardener.

Either way, the stuff is practically indestructable, as you say...

BTW, to secure loose tube bases to glass envelopes, I still stand by my
method of "weeping" the watery kind of "crazy glue" along the seam of the
base (where glass meets plastic). I know that some experts on the list claim
such a fix will surely spell the demise of said tubes, but someone hasn't
been telling my tubes that...

As a result, I have dozens of them --- in storage, as well as in active
duty --- that have been repaired this way, going back some 20 years now...

~73!~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ


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> > www.cotronics.com/vo/cotr/index.htm
> > Plenty of hi-temp adhesives to 4000F
> Thanks for the info.  I bookmarked that one.
> I have used both JB Weld (the slow curing version) and plain "Two-ton
> crystal clear" epoxy to glue plate and grid caps.
> I once had a 810 that I used in the modulator.  I glued the plate cap with
> regular crystal clear epoxy.  It never let go, but the clear epoxy
> turned amberish and finally completely black and opaque, but the plate cap
> stayed solidly attached.  I think I rotated that tube out of service and
> still have it amongst my spares.
> Does anyone know what the original adhesive used on tubes is?  Everything
> from small receiving tube bases and the plate caps on transmitting tubes
> seems to be glued on with the same brownish cement that appears to contain
> air bubbles.
> But given the very common problem of loose bases and caps, maybe the
> original stuff wouldn't be the best  choice for repair even if it were
> available.
> Don k4kyv
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