[AMRadio] Bad Power Transformer

Joe Walden w5jdy at intergate.com
Mon Aug 27 22:49:24 EDT 2007

Good evening all members of the various reflectors from Joe w5jdy in
Okla....   I have a 1941 Zenith Console Radio and the Power Transformer is
bad (HV windings shorted)..  I would like to have it rewound but I haven't
kept up with any of the rewinders...  This is a square type potted tranny
with a 120volt primary and a 250-0-250ac secondary and a 6.3 volt ac @ 3.0
amps...  If anyone has any advice email me direct at w5jdy at intergate.com
Anyone who would like a picture of the tranny I have it out of the radio and
can send pictures...  Thanks to any or all who can help me solve this
problem..  Have a nice week..  Joe

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