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> List members:
> I, along with the other members of the Collins ARC here in Cedar Rapids,
> just learned this afternoon that there will be a SPECIAL OPERATING EVENT
> from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, this WEDNESDAY, August 29th.  The event is as
> follows:
> Many of you probably have heard in the news that the US Air Force is
> "shopping" for new air refueling tankers to replace the aging KC-135
> fleet.  There are competing bids for this proposal from both Boeing and
> EADS (Airbus).  Rockwell Collins is part of the Boeing Team, and this
> Wednesday, Boeing is bringing a special exhibit van to Rockwell Collins in
> Cedar Rapids that will provide employees with a view of the proposed
> aircraft.  In conjunction with that exhibit, the Collins ARC has been
> asked to set up the B-29 radio equipment to illustrate the fact that
> Collins equipment has been on the Air Force Tanker from the very
> beginning.  The first tanker was adapted from the B-29 and called the
> KB-29.  It carried the same radio gear.
> The Boeing "van" with displays of the new tanker, which is based on the
> 767, will be set up in front of one of the major buildings.  Next to the
> van will be a tent.  CARC will be in the tent on a 6-foot table.  I'm
> having signs made, etc. The icing on the cake will be if we can get the
> ART-13 and BC-348 operating and on the air.  To this end, people are
> rounding up the necessary items to put up a wire antenna to a nearby tree.
>  We are working on power sources.
> Here are the frequencies proposed for use (these according to general band
> plan/agreements):
> 80m AM:  3885 kHz (and perhaps 3880, as well)
> 80m CW:  3710 kHz
> 40m AM: 7290 kHz
> 40m CW: 7110 kHz
> 20m AM: 14,286 kHz
> 20m CW:  14,060 kHz
> ESTIMATED OPERATING TIME:  The latest information I received (just prior
> to writing this message) is to expect on-air operations to START in the
> vicinity of 10:30 to 11:00 AM, CDST, which is 1530 to 1600 UTC.  It is
> anticipated that the on-air opertations will continue for several hours.
> Although this hasn't been stated as yet, I expect that the call used will
> be W0CXX, Art Collins' call.
> There will be an attempt to coordinate information to the CCA Reflector as
> events develop on Wednesday.  Alas, we do have rain in Wednesday's
> forecast, but it is not presently predicted to be an all-day situation.
> Some of you may recall the first attempt to get the B-29 equipment up and
> running.  That was about two years ago, and the equipment was set up in
> the Cedar Rapids History Center, located in downtown Cedar Rapids.  The
> main problem was that local electrical noise levels were so high that the
> ops at the station could not copy stations that were 20 over 9.  I was
> operating from my home QTH that day, relaying information to the que of
> folks waiting to make contacts with my "mighty" DX-40!  Hopefully, this
> time will be much more successful.
> I, and perhaps other CARC members, plan to be on the CCA Tuesday night net
> tomorrow night, 0100 UTC, at 3805.  If there is additional information,
> we'll pass it along at that time.  So, gang, warm up the heavy iron and
> prepare for some fun.  Yes, we know this is short notice and we know this
> is a weekday operation, but this is quite an opportunity to show the vast
> time spread of Collins radio equipment contributions to the Air Force and
> related communications.
> 73 to All,
> Dale, WA9ENA
> CCA Member, Sr. EMC Engineer - Rockwell Collins
> .

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