Xfmr Talk Back Re: [AMRadio] WZ1M ?

RJ Mattson rjmattson at hvi.net
Tue Aug 28 10:46:54 EDT 2007

Pass this on to Perry:
He might be working with ham hearsay.
I found that the talk back from my BC-610 xmtr was coming from the current 
overload relay resetable on the front panel.
Once I bypassed the current relay with an oil cap the so called mod xfmr 
talk buzz stopped.
There was an hints/kinks article on this also.
Try the xfmr elsewhere or temporarily jump the relay before cranking on the 
mod xfmr.
bob...w2ami  x  wn2ami  1962

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From: "Geoff/W5OMR" <ars.w5omr at gmail.com>

Speaking for my friend, Perry/W5KGZ, he also likes Gary's work.  Perry
recently acquired a modulation transformer for a BC-610 and while it
works great, there's a little problem of 'talk-back' from the transformer.

Perry was making noises this morning about taking the transformer out
and pulling the end-bells off, and 'really cranking down' on the bolts
that hold the laminations together.
That and perhaps dip the thing in hot wax in order to get it to quiet
down somewhat.

Does anyone else have another other suggestions on how to silence a
modulation transformer?


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