[AMRadio] Photos of Damaged Mod Iron

David Knepper collinsradio at comcast.net
Tue Aug 28 12:29:58 EDT 2007

You call that packing!  No wonder it got damaged with all that inertia 
inside the box.  Shame on you for accusing the carrier.

It should have gone inside a wooden crate.  Next time, if there is a next 
time ...

Dave, W3ST

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> Here's the link for the thread on AMfone with the transformer pics
> posted. I know some of them make it look like a cereal box was used,
> but it really was good, thick, double cardboard boxing. They just
> totally destroyed it to the point it looks like paper. You can
> actually see the double thickness in some places with the inside shot.
> http://amfone.net/Amforum/index.php/topic,11848.msg86399.html#msg86399
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