[AMRadio] Small(est) rigs with 6146 final

Greg bluebirdtele at embarqmail.com
Tue Aug 28 20:24:15 EDT 2007

The Gonset commander transmitter is the smallest ham transmitter  have ever 
seen that came from a factory.
6AG7, 6146 and plate modulator. No vfo, no power supply.
Kinston NC
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>>another rig, the GLOBE HG-303, that uses a single 6146.  It's a compact
>>CW rig and well built.  The "matching" VFO is the GLOBE V-10.  Cabinets
>>Anyone see/have one?  And have you tried Plate modulation scheme with
> This is a neat rig. I've had one for years along with the VFO, and it's 
> the second pair I've had...I too gave the first away and regretted it and 
> wound up with this pair, in far poorer condition. Never put 'em on AM 
> though although probably I would have if they covered 160.
> But they work extremely well. What I like about the rig, more than the 
> VFO, is that it's an original design, it's not electrically or 
> mechanically like any other rig. The cabinets and hardware were shared 
> with Globe's CB line. The VFO is basically the standard WRL Globe VFO 
> repackaged with a nice slide rul dial and colored lights. The transmitter 
> has all components on several bulkhead type vertical chassis with the 
> tubes horizontal. And there's a separate transformer for high and low B+. 
> The transmitter is grid block keyed and puts about 140 volts on the key at 
> low current, and there's no clamp tube to guard against lack of 
> excitation.
> Since it's only a two tube rf stage and the VFO outputs at 160 for 80 
> meter operation (going from memory here) I recall a substantial amount of 
> 160 meters to the antenna when operating on 80.
> Note I didn't say it was a perfect design, just an original one that works 
> as intended, I suppose. Never have found out who was behind it or if there 
> was a story there. Anywone have the history of the Rockford built 
> GC-Globes? The company's successor is still in town, I plan to swing by 
> and see if it's in the same location next time I'm out that way.
> When I got my Novice in 1965 I was all set to get one of these new but the 
> store, Gem Electronics, had just sold its last one, for $49.95 I think, 
> and I wound up with a DX-60, a far better rig but at almost twice the 
> price.
> -Pete
> Somers, WI
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