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Joe and others,

I don't have the info handy right now, but Bob W1PE might reply here
with it, as he is the one that told me about it.  There is a shipping
agent that is part of North American Van Lines which specializes in
these sort of items.  Old juke boxes, big transmitters, etc.  Very
reasonable, and neither the shipper or shipp-ee has to left a finger.
They will come and pick the item up, wrap it, put it on a palette (if
need be), put it in transit, and deliver it where the recipient wants
it put.

I had a 1000lbs transmitter shipped this way from Wyoming to Arkansas
for less than $600, and that included insurance.  Pay the extra cost
if you really want your item to come without damage, or choose the
alternative, and go pick it up yourself.  Now days, that's about the
only two options.

Bob, if you see this, can you post the contact info?

Brian / wa5am

On 8/31/07, Joe Walden <w5jdy at intergate.com> wrote:
> Hello all memebers of the various reflectors.  I wanted to say about
> shipping large and or heavy items.   I buy old console radios for a hobby
> and no matter how well the radio was packed or either UPS or Fedex shipping
> service was used there was always some damage.   Recently,I have been
> contacting the seller before the auction is over and asking if they will
> ship Greyhound Bus if I am not in a big hurry (bus station may be out of
> their way).    I have received the last two radios in perfect condition.
> Not even a mark on the outside.  A really nice way to receive large and or
> heavy items.  Just my comment.   Not a Guarantee.  Joe w5jdy in Okla.
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