D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Dec 1 01:59:52 EST 2007

> When I post something technical I usually get no responses.  I use
> the titles to delete but people change the content and it just takes
> too long to sort out any good from the "noise".  Only Bacon has any
> real good input.
> I just do not have the time even to delete 80 out of 100 messages coming 
> in.
> Good luck and thanks.
> Larry

I would suggest subscribing in the DIGEST MODE.  That's what I do with all 
my e-mail lists.  Otherwise I would have literally hundreds of e-mail 
messages to go through per day, and 95% of them of no interest to me.  It's 
easy to look at the Digest subject list then scroll down through all the 
messages in the digest and read the ones that interest me, and when I 
finish, to delete the whole digest.  If I want to save a particular message, 
I copy and paste it into a ".txt" file, or else move the whole digest to a 
saved message folder.

Don k4kyv 

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