[AMRadio] Who is building what,,

Norm Palin K7NCR normsclassicradio at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 1 10:07:53 EST 2007

Hi All!
I'm new to this list. I'm Norm Palin, K7NCR. QTH is
Kalispell, MT, NW part of the state. 
I'm working on a new/old AM station, having put my
Knight Kit R100A/T150 pair on the back burner for now.
I've recently completed the upgrades to the audio
chain in a really nice Heath Apache I got last summer
at our Glacier-Waterton ham fest. I have an SB-10
slopbucket adapter, HO-10 scope, and am working on the
upgades to a decent Mohawk I got from a fellow on
E-pay. My current station is a Swan Cygnet 270 for HF.

Am waiting for a SSB mixer crystal for the Mohawk, and
then will tackle the drift mods. 
Anyone know a source for late 50's/early 60's Heath
green? The Mohawk cabinet needs paint BAD.
Maybe see you fellows on the air, provided the
conditions improve a little!
Norm K7NCR

Norm Palin 

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