Brett Gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizon.net
Sat Dec 1 18:12:42 EST 2007

The G76 uses a pair of 6DQ6's as modulators, and a 6DQ5 as
the output tube.

The 6DQ6's are set up as zero bias triodes, with the supressor grid
acting as the signal grid i think.

Great receiver though, with its 262khz IF, but it could use a better
audio amp, I made one using a small IC chip that ran off rectified filiment
voltage, much better fidelity...

Have fun,

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> Hi All...I need some 6DQ5 tubes.I just picked up a Gonset G76 and it has
> 1 in the final and
> Two in the modulator...Would like to find at least 3.  Thanks guys.
> Very Best 73's
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