[AMRadio] who is building what

Conor Farrell conor.farrell8 at mail.dcu.ie
Sat Dec 1 23:02:00 EST 2007

Built myself a small shortwave transmitter, somewhere around 3 Mhz
(I'll double-check when I'm back in my office on Monday). Only a
couple of components, and wondering how far it might reach! So if
there's anyone on the list up for trying some pirate DXing from
Ireland lemme know; I can organise QSL cards for mp3 recordings (or
similar) assuming we can decide on a broadcast time/date.

On 01/12/2007, Larry Szendrei <ne1s at neandertech.com> wrote:
> Anthony W. DePrato wrote:
> >
> >> Well just to start if off. i am cleaning shack and have sold about 300
> >> units so far. still have a way to go. found a NIB tanny for a Alpha 89
> >> Amp. and a BIG box full of Varicap. now i have been wanting a big
> >> tuner for a long time so i have the caps. now to find the roller unit
> >> and some fixed transmit caps. they figure out what is the best config
> >> to go with. found a bunch of TX tubes i had forgotten about years ago
> >> also..
> >
> I just built a BIG balanced tuner for tuning open-wire-line-fed antennas
> last week. I'm very happy with it.
> Next project: a SW xtal set, just for yuks! (isn't it all?)
> -Larry/NE1S
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