[AMRadio] Part 15 Devices

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Dec 2 15:35:48 EST 2007

Well guys I put snap beads around the power cord (about 6 of them as I 
recall) and still hear it on several frequencies in the 75 meter band. 
It radiates as much as 50 ft. away and I don't think they should have 
that much.

On top of that, the frequencies move when the state changes from off to 
on.  Like all of you my house if full of these devices.  My HP computer 
doesn't do this, my Canon multi-purpose printer doesn't do this, none of 
the kitchen appliances do it, the DVD player doesn't and neither does my 
electronic thermostat.  All of which I can take a portable receiver and 
go near and hear them on the same frequencies with the TV unplugged.

One leg of my 75 meter antenna is about 50 ft. away and the TV causes 
spurs that can be heard that far away.  I know it isn't the satellite 
box and not the answering machine adjacent to it.  Everything clears 
when I unplug the TV.  It is the first TV I have ever had that radiates 
this much.


> How do you know it is out of compliance? There are measured radiation
> limits. Every one of the new entertainment devises that has a remote
> controller have a microprocessor that runs all the time unless the 
> device is
> unpluged. You can get radiation off the cables. unplug all the cables 
> and
> see what you get.

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