[AMRadio] Part 15 Devices

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun Dec 2 15:47:39 EST 2007

File a complaint with the FCC, Jim.  Since the tech for the manufacturer was
so rude and refused to even discuss it with you they may know of the problem
and just hope it will go away without complaint.  If they are at fault, and
it sure seems they are, maybe others have already filed complaints and yours
will be the one that gets the FCC rolling.


Well guys I put snap beads around the power cord (about 6 of them as I 
recall) and still hear it on several frequencies in the 75 meter band. 
It radiates as much as 50 ft. away and I don't think they should have 
that much.

On top of that, the frequencies move when the state changes from off...


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