[AMRadio] Part 15 Devices

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Dec 2 19:36:45 EST 2007

Tony, I didn't say, but it is a Zenith about 4 years old.  Piece of 
crap, will never buy another Zenith.  Even the seller dumped them.

Doubt the sat box is the culprit.  Are you sure all connections are 
tight and not leaking.  Some of the stuff installed by the "techs" are 
really terrible.


>>missed the first of this thread which tv was it ? i just bought a new 
>>vizio and something is putting lines thru it. and i am on direct tv.. 
>>have unpluged the sound system and all the dvd and vcr players . next 
>>is to change out the sat receiver with another one i have and see if 
>>that helps. i am starting to think it is electrical in nature and will 
>>have to get out my DF unit and start looking.
> 73 Tony

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