[AMRadio] Class action?

kenw2dtc kenw2dtc at comcast.net
Tue Dec 4 10:53:54 EST 2007

Charlie, W4MEC in NC said:

"is there a lawyer among us that could field a class action lawsuit against 
every Part 15 device manufacturer"

I'm with you in principal, but what you are asking is similar to going after 
speeders because the police aren't pulling people over and issuing tickets.

Secondly, when a class action goes after a manufacturers pocket book, it 
would not be unreasonable for that manufacturer to go public and the media 
and play some of the audio that is on the amateur radio bands and say: "this 
is the group that is trying to stop us from making baby monitors".

Some of the "conversations" on amateur radio are nasty, immature, rude and 
embarrasing.  These are the ones that will be culled out of the great 
majority of respectable ones.

If the "police" / FCC are not doing their job, that is where the pressure 
should be placed.

Ken W2DTC 

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