[AMRadio] Class action?

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I would carbon copy my FCC complaints to local House and Senate 
members.  klc

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> Charlie, W4MEC in NC said:
> "is there a lawyer among us that could field a class action 
> lawsuit against 
> every Part 15 device manufacturer"
> I'm with you in principal, but what you are asking is similar to 
> going after 
> speeders because the police aren't pulling people over and issuing 
> tickets.
> Secondly, when a class action goes after a manufacturers pocket 
> book, it 
> would not be unreasonable for that manufacturer to go public and 
> the media 
> and play some of the audio that is on the amateur radio bands and 
> say: "this 
> is the group that is trying to stop us from making baby monitors".
> Some of the "conversations" on amateur radio are nasty, immature, 
> rude and 
> embarrasing.  These are the ones that will be culled out of the 
> great 
> majority of respectable ones.
> If the "police" / FCC are not doing their job, that is where the 
> pressure 
> should be placed.
> 73,
> Ken W2DTC 
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