[AMRadio] Updated Price - New Flex Radio SDR-1000 & Accessories

W2INR w2inr at amfone.net
Wed Dec 5 21:31:24 EST 2007

Are you selling this?

Peter Markavage wrote:
> A number of queries on this, but no firm commitments, so I am offering
> this up again at a reduced price.
> Have a new, still in the box, SDR-1000 from Flex Radio Systems. I already
> have one running the HF stuff and bought this second one at Dayton in
> 2006 for all the VHF/UHF work but now don't need it. Opened the SDR -1000
> carton on April 25, 2007, just to confirm the unit was in there. None of
> the accessories purchased at the same time have had their boxes, bags, or
> bubble wrapped opened or removed.
> Included in the sale:
> SDR-1000 160-6M 100 All Mode Transceiver (160-10M 100 watts, 6M .5 watt,
> 60M 50 watts)
> Automatic Antenna Unit (ATU)
> Note: the ATU has to be installed in the SDR-1000
> Presonus FIREBOX 24-bit/96K External Sound Card
> Audio/Interface Cables & Assorted Connector Kit
> 1 Year Warranty (directly from Flex- actually as of this date, 5/24/07,
> about 360 days) on the SDR-1000 to the new owner
> $1600.00 plus shipping  Check, money order, or Paypal
> It should be noted that the current software (PowerSDR V1.8.0) requires
> at least a 1 GHz Pentium or better computer. 256 MB of memory is the
> minimum requirement for the computer; 512 MB or better is recommended.
> If you have questions, or would like to discuss it further, please give
> me a call at (732) 238-8964. E-mails are also fine.
> NOTE: Since the reflector is text based, if you would like to see
> pictures of all the items in full color, go here:
> SDR-1000 Still in Box and wrapping:
> http://amfone.net/Amforum/gallery/25_11_05_07_1_38_23.JPG
> Automatic Antenna Unit:
> http://amfone.net/Amforum/gallery/25_11_05_07_1_34_32.JPG
> Presonus FIREBOX:
> http://amfone.net/Amforum/gallery/25_11_05_07_1_35_13.JPG
> Audio Cables, Interface Cable to SDR, Assorted Connectors:
> http://amfone.net/Amforum/gallery/25_11_05_07_1_36_12.JPG
> Pete, WA2CWA
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