[AMRadio] I will trade a SX-28 for a BC348!!!

ronnie.hull ronnie.hull at glowbugs.com
Thu Dec 6 16:40:31 EST 2007

Wanted  BC348 in operating condition and already converted to AC operation. 
Must be electrically sound.

Will trade a complete SX-28 in working condition. There are some caveats 
however. Someone who had this in the past has done a transistorized 
conversion on the IF's. These transistors are mounted on tube bases. I don't 
know if you could pull them out and put the original tubes back in or not. 
This receiver does work!!! I have NO information on the conversion.

Front panel is good, better than most I have seen. Cabinet is good. Lid is 
not warped like some. Audio Control has incorrect knob but otherwise, all 
knobs are good.

ALL THE DEADLY paper caps in the inaccessible area under the band switch have 
already been changed out to orange drops by some brave soul. If you have 
never done this yourself.. well.. never mind. Its already done.

S-meter works, dials are good. What more can I say.

I'm trying to re-create on of my novice stations, thats why I want a BC348. 
MUST NOT have any new holes in the front panel, an S-meter or any of that 
crap. Just a BC348 converted to AC with the cabinet and correct knobs. A 
shock mount base would be nice.

I think this is more than a fair trade, especially for the person that gets 
the SX-28.

let me know

and Merry Christmas to all of you fellers

Ronnie - W5SUM

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