[AMRadio] Texar Audio Prisms Available

Rev. Robert P. Chrysafis kc8gpd at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 6 16:48:44 EST 2007

I have 2 Texar Prisms for sale. I've seen these reach the $1k Mark 
a peice on ebay. Hows $800.00 for the Pair. These do not have the NRSC 
Filtering or Asymetrical Limiting in them.

Some things i'm looking for in possible partial trade...

1RU Rack Mount Dual Mic Pre amp.

Autogram Model: IA plug in transformer.

Excalibur DA2-6 Distribution Amp. (2 of these would be excellent)

Rack Mount AM/FM Monitor Receiver with Balanced Audio Outputs.

NAB Engineers Handbook CD 10th Edition.

Delta ASE-2 Manual.

RE-27 Pop Filters

FIM-41 ( one can dream :-) Hi, Hi.

Rev. Robert P. Chrysafis

Moderator Hunterdonfree

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