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Kimberly Elmore cw_de_n5op at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 7 14:48:26 EST 2007

For what it's worth, there's a short story in, of all places, CQ Magazine this month written by yours truly that is dedicated, in part, to all of those who served in WWII. I hadn't seen many Christmas stories in the ham mags for a while and missed them. "Well," I said to myself, "if you miss them so much, write one yourself." So, I did. Unlike my professinal papres, this one is an intentional work of fiction, but contains enough historically accurate detail to be plausible. It also contains elements of stories my Dad told me over the years about his service in WWII in the USAAF communications service. 

Initially trained a a ball turret gunner in heavy bombers (and good enough to earn medals for marksmanship), his entire class was reassigned to other duties when someone, somewhere, decided that more gunners were not currently needed. When the the AAF found out he was a BC engineer and a ham, he was reassigned to radio-related duties. He ultimately was placed in charge of a LORAN slave station on Padre Is., long before it became a popular tourist destination.

Being the son of one of these guys, I'll do my best to see that they, and the men and women of their generation, aren't forgotten. 

Kim Elmore, N5OP

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