[AMRadio] Crystal Mic Elements

Robert Lawson w4rl at bellsouth.net
Sat Dec 8 21:14:35 EST 2007


Yep, "we" did go through that a few years ago at length, but it seems 
there are some "'new' to D-104 crystal element replacement" ham radio 
fraternity members joining in such queries to our aging AM affectionatos 
with patient answers and suggestions.  Don't know about Otis.  Would not 
want an old stock one anyway now.  Things just change in this world, 
just like us physically. 

Regards and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Robert W4RL

PS,  Bob W1PE was there not an article in QST some time back that 
featured a homemade microphone with a 'cheap' element?  I'll have to go 
and find it. 

Of note to all, I purchased an Audio-Technica ATR30 from J&R Music World 
Computer World for 30 dollars shipped that I am matching to my Icom 756 
Pro 3 and then to my BA gear transmitters.  More than half the fun in my 
ham radio hobby is "tho'in a rock into the woods and see what moves"  
with my radio experimentations.  Keeps the 'what if' ham radio energy 
flowing in this old timer.  HI

Geoff/W5OMR wrote:
> John Coleman wrote:
>> Does anyone know if someone is making and selling the cartridges for the
>> D104.
> I thought we went thought all that, a few years ago, and Otis bought a 
> few (several?) Crystal Element cartridges.
> Does he have any left?  Time to go visit the Ancient One, anyway...

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